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Accessing and using the new interfaces

FAQs on accessing the new interfaces – this page is password protected.  For the password, please see the email sent to SWIMS-SYSTEM on 4 June 2020 or contact the core team via new-swims@googlegroups.com

Library staff logins

New starters
Please contact the Torbay library team at library.tsdft@nhs.net to set up a login and login link.  Please include: name, email address, location code, and the asset number of the PC(s) and/or laptop(s) that they will be using. 

Please contact the Torbay library team at library.tsdft@nhs.net to delete the login. Please confirm whether their login link also needs to be deleted.

Replaced or additional PCs/laptops
Please contact the Torbay library team at library.tsdft@nhs.net to notify of any changes – please state the old (if applicable) and the new PC asset number(s).

Forgotten logins for V-smart and V-insight
You can reset your password for V-smart and V-insight (TEST and LIVE systems) yourself. To do this:

  • Access the login page for V-smart or V-insight as normal.
  • Enter your username in the username field. Note: your username will be your first name initial followed by your surname e.g. JBLOGGS (must be entered in capitals when logging in to V-insight).
  • Click the forgot password link. A message should pop-up saying that a password reset email has been sent to you.
  • Check your email account and click the link contained within the password reset email (if the email is not in your inbox then please check your junk folder).
  • Enter your new password (must contain a minimum of 8 characters and consist of at least one capital letter, lowercase letter, number and punctuation mark). The system should confirm that your new password has been accepted.
  • If not redirected use your normal access link to access V-smart/V-insight and login with your normal username and new password.

Your reset password is used to access both V-smart and V-insight. However, please note that resetting your password for the LIVE systems does not reset your password for the TEST systems (and vice versa). 

If you have any problems with this process then please contact the Torbay library team at library.tsdft@nhs.net 

See also information about V-insight logins.