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SWIMS Training

Introduction to the system
Training on V-smart access, navigation, basic circulation (issues, returns, renewals, reservations, borrower management etc) and Iguana should be provided by immediate library colleagues, or those in a nearby service.  In exceptional circumstances the Core Team can provide this training.

Circulation in more depth
Circulation Q&A sessions will be run periodically, provided sufficient questions are submitted in advance – please keep an eye on SWIMS-SYSTEM for news of these and requests to submit questions.  See also below about support materials and contacts.

Beginner and refresher cataloguing training is delivered by members of the Cataloguing Group.  All cataloguers must receive training from a member of the group before starting to catalogue.  Please contact the Cataloguing Group to request training.  See also below about support materials.

Please see the documentation on the SWIMS Network website about running reports.  Please contact the Reporting Group if you’re having difficulties or would like to request a creation of a report which doesn’t already exist.

Print journals check-in
The group of implementers is working together to support each other with this module.

Other training
The Core Team may organise special training including delivered by Infor – please keep an eye on SWIMS-SYSTEM for news.

Until further notice all training is online, usually via MS Teams.

Support materials and support contacts
There is a wealth of support documentation – step-by-step guides, short videos, FAQs etc – on this website.  The Core Team are continuing to build up this knowledge base and improve navigation on the website.

The module groups can also help with queries – please contact the relevant group via the group email address.

The test database can be a useful place to practise.  Note that user data is anonymized so doesn’t match the user data on the live database.


This training policy was approved by the SWIMS Board at its meeting on 2nd Feb 2021.