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Wessex Classification Scheme

5th edition. © SWIMS Network 2013-15

These schedules may be freely used by any health care library as long as the source is acknowledged. The scheme is made  available as a series of .pdf files as listed below. There is also a brief introduction and some hints on using the scheme. You will need Adobe Acrobat reader installed on your computer if you wish to view or print these files. This can be freely downloaded from the Adobe web site.



A-GV General works
H-HB H Social Sciences – General
  HA Demography. Statistics
  HB Economics
HM HM Sociology
HQ HQ Sex.  Relationships.  Marriage.  The family
HV HV Social services
J-K J-K Politics.  Government.  Law
L L Education


P-Q Language.  General science
QA QA Mathematics.  Computing
QB-QM QB-QM General sciences
QS QS Human anatomy
QT QT Human physiology
QU QU Biochemistry
QV QV Pharmacology
QW QW Microbiology.  Immunology
QY QY Clinical pathology
QZ QZ Pathology.  Oncology
W W Public health.  Health statistics.  Occupational health.  Health education
WA WA Patients.  Primary care.  Medical profession.  Forensic medicine
WB WB Practice of medicine
WC WC Communicable diseases
WD WD Diseases and disorders of systemic, metabolic or environmental origin
WE WE Musculoskeletal system.  Orthopaedics
WF WF Respiratory system. Respiratory medicine
WG WG Cardiovascular system.  Cardiology
WH WH Haemic and lymphatic systems.  Haematology
WI WI Digestive system.  Gastroenterology
WJ WJ Urogenital system.  Urology
WK WK Endocrine system.  Endocrinology


WL Nervous system.  Neurology
WLM WLM Psychology
WM WM Psychiatry.  Mental health
WN WN Medical imaging.  Radiology
WO WO Surgery.  Anaesthesia
WP WP Gynaecology.  Women’s health
WQ WQ Obstetrics.  Midwifery
WR WR Skin.  Dermatology
WS WS Paediatrics.  Child health


WT – new

WT Geriatrics.  Elderly care.  Terminal care
WU WU Dentistry.  Oral surgery
WV WV Otorhinolaryngology.  ENT medicine
WW WW Eyes.  Ophthalmology


WX Health services
WY WY Nursing


WZ History of medicine
Z Z Library science