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Wessex Scheme

The Wessex Classification Scheme is a revision of the National Library of Medicine (NLM) schedules incorporating current UK medical and health practice. The scheme was originally created by the library staff of the Wessex Regional Library and Information Network (WRLIN) and is now overseen by a working group of the SWIMS Network and other users of the scheme.

Wessex Classification Scheme

Wessex Annotated Subject Headings 2018 – for cataloguers – index to the classification / MeSH headings for applying to cataloguing records

Readers’ Index 2018 – for printed copies in the library – to aid readers to find books on the shelves


Supporting documentation

The National Library of Medicine have asked us to make it clear that the Wessex Scheme is not an official NLM revision of its classification scheme and that it is the product of the local efforts of UK health librarians. The National Library of Medicine neither endorses nor supports the Wessex Scheme.


Contact details

If you would like to make a suggestion on any aspect of the Scheme or require further information please email the SWIMS Cataloguing Group via Anne Lancey.