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SWIMS Cataloguing Rules

When sections are updated by the Cataloguing Group the rules will be updated here.  They are gradually being updated to be relevant to V-smart rather than OLIB.  Those which have been updated are indicated below.

See also guidance for specific material types at the bottom of this page.

It is mandatory for SWIMS cataloguers to follow these rules when cataloguing.

  Last updated
Introduction Oct 2016
Guidance on punctuation Sep 2016

A – rules for cataloguing books, pamphlets and single sheets

A1 Media type and OLIB layout Sep 2016
A2 ISBN Updated for use with V-smart Apr 2020
A3.1 Title and subtitle Sep 2016
A3.2 Statement of responsibility Feb 2010
A4 Classes Apr 2013
A5.1 Personal authors Apr 2017
A5.2 Corporate authors Feb 2010
A6 Edition statements Apr 2013
A7 publication details (imprint)  Updated for use with V-smart Feb 2020
A8 Physical description Sep 2013
A9 Series information Apr 2013
A10 Notes Sep 2016
A11 Subject headings Feb 2010
A12 Locations and adding copy records Apr 2018
A13 Dealing with multi-part and multi-volume works Sep 2016
A14 Attaching objects, e.g. URLs Jul 2015
B Rules for cataloguing journals (print and electronic) and serial monographs  
B1  Chief sources of information Apr 2014
B2  Media type and OLIB Layout Sep 2016
B3  Title May 2017
B4  Change of title Sep 2016
B5  ISSN Jun 2018
B6  Publication Nov 2011
B7 Subject Headings July 2005
B8  Notes Jun 2018
B9  URL link for e-journals May 2017
B10 Holdings Feb 2016
B11 Rules for cataloguing individual journal issues (serial monographs) Sep 2016
C Rules for cataloguing videos/DVDs Updated for use with V-smart  
C1  Chief sources of information July 2008
C2  Media type May 2020
C3  Title May 2020
C4  Statement of responsibility May 2020
C5  Shelfmark May 2020
C6  Names May 2020
C7  Edition May 2020
C8  Supplier/distributor May 2020
C9  Physical description May 2020
C10  Series Oct 2004
C11  MeSH headings May 2020
D Rules for cataloguing digital resources (for e-journals please see rule B)  
D1  Chief sources of information March 2004
D2  Title and statement of responsibility June 2009
D3  Edition statements March 2004
D4  File characteristics March 2004
D5  Publication, distribution etc. March 2004
D6  Physical description March 2004
D7  Other physical details June 2009
D8  Dimensions June 2009
D9  Accompanying material March 2004
D10  Series March 2004
D11  Notes March 2004
D12 Rules for cataloguing electronic books Apr 2019
E Rules specific to cataloguing government publications Apr 2018
G Rules for cataloguing CD ROMs and audio CDs / audio books Apr 2014

Other documents of use when cataloguing