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Frimley update: FRM has joined the SWIMS network and their data was imported in early November 2021. Extensive tidying needs to be carried out on this data:

  • there are duplicate records on the system – some will need deleting, others merging, and any remaining need to be re-catalogued according to RDA and our local cataloguing rules. Please do not copy any FRM records and if you need to add a copy record to existing records, choose the record that has existing SWIMS copy items on it rather than just FRM records if there are duplicate records.
  • there are inter-library loan journal titles on the system – when searching V-smart, you may receive multiple FRM results for journal titles, please ignore these. These records will be deleted by April 2022 at the very latest. These records have been hidden from Iguana. These records will look like this:

FRM ILL journal article screenshot

Accessing and using the new SWIMS interfaces from Infor


Cataloguing – including journals

Collection management

Circulation and Users


Interlibrary Lending and Document Supply (ILDS)

Journals – print journals check-in

Reporting – Statistical reports, lists of items and users etc.  This page is password protected.  For the password, please see the email sent to SWIMS-SYSTEM on 4 June 2020 or contact the core team via new-swims@googlegroups.com


Other support

V-smart help files – See also the help files when logged into V-smart.   Note that these are generic for all customers and some aspects may not apply to our configurations of the SWIMS system. 

System contacts and FAQs about who to contactIf you can’t find the information you need on the pages linked above

Training – information about how to get training on the system