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SWIMS Training and Support

Most SWIMS training is carried out by library colleagues within a service.  The test database can be a useful place to practise. 
However there are other options and requirements, as described below.

For Cataloguing training please contact a member of the SWIMS Cataloguing Group.  Cataloguing training is mandatory for new cataloguers.

For Acquisitions and Funds module training please contact a member of the SWIMS Acquisitions Group

For Serials module training please contact a member of the SWIMS Journals Group   Training on the serial smodule  is mandatory for locations intending to use this module where there are no staff are already trained, or confident to train colleagues.

OCLC can train on the OLIB system in person or online.  To be put in touch with OCLC for a quote, please contact Jenny Toller.

OCLC also carry out occasional free training via WebEx for all OLIB customers and the sessions are also recorded and made available on the OLIB Support website.  Please contact a SWIMS system administrator for more information and for access to the site.  In 2016 there were sessions on Introduction to OLIB Web, and Reporting.


For general support contacts see the contacts FAQs and also the many pages of this website!

See also the OLIB help files when logged into OLIB Web – ‘Help Index’ icon to launch help generally, ‘Help’ icon lower down is case sensitive.  Note that these are generic for all customers and some aspects may not apply to our configurations of the SWIMS system. 
SWIMS WebView also has help pages.

OCLC have created a small number of User Guides, mainly in the area of configuration, so most suitable for system administrators.  (OCLC used to maintain training manuals but are no longer doing so – they are incorporating all content into the help files – see above).