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Acquisitions and Funds Reports

  1. All orders and their current status for a specified accounting period. Parameters are financial period, accounts and order status. (AC001 in Jasper and OLIB Web.)
  2. Items ordered by account instance.  Parameters are date range and account instance.  (AC002 in Jasper.) 
  3. Items received and invoiced.  Parameters are account instance, order item status, and invoice status. (AC003 in Jasper.) 
  4. Order items purchased by financial period by media type (AC003a in Jasper.)
  5. Orders against account instance.  Parameters are account, financial period and order status.  Lists orders by Account Instance which are at a specified Order Status, for example, orders that are outstanding or complete.  (AC004 in Jasper.)
  6. Orders Received and not Invoiced.  Parameters are supplier(s).  Lists titles ordered and received but not invoiced for a selected supplier(s).  (AC005 in Jasper). 
  7.  Statistical Orders Report.  Parameters are account and financial period – both are mandatory.  Lists items ordered for a specified Account Instance.  (AC006 in Jasper.)
  8. Parent accounts with their first and second generation child accounts, listing allocation, committed, spent amounts and balance. Optional parameter is Account.  (FU001 in OLIB Web and Jasper.)
  9. Parent/child fund analysis for a single financial period.  (FU002 in Jasper.)
  10. Account Spend.  Parameter is financial period.  Lists the amounts allocated, committed, spent and available for all accounts during a specified financial period.  (FU003 in Jasper.)
  11. Expenditure by Supplier.  Parameters are supplier and financial period.  Lists each invoice raised and amount spent for a specified supplier during a specified financial period. A total amount spent is included.  (FU004 in Jasper.