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Data from OLIB for the national statistical returns

User counts by user type:

Data is up-to-date as at 6 Feb, i.e. the last day of using OLIB for live circulation.  Please scroll down or use the Find command to find the counts for your location(s). 
This is necessarily a ‘snapshot’ count – it was not possible on OLIB to report on an average count over a period.

Loans to other libraries:

  • Loans to other libraries – totals – spreadsheet covering the period 1 April 2019 to 30 Jan 2020 for all locations and with a final column multiplied by 1.2 to give an approximate full year figure.  As it wasn’t clear at the time of extracting this data how report from the new library management system, it has been agreed to use OLIB data only and extrapolate, e.g. extract for the first 10 months and then multiply by 1.2. 

Any queries on the above, please contact Jenny Toller.