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SWIMS Equipment and Supplies

SWIMS library cards

If you need a supply of SWIMS library cards please contact Sarah Maddock.  These are currently funded by HEE.

Book barcodes

If you need a supply of book barcodes please contact Sarah Maddock.  These are currently funded by HEE.

Printing your own barcodes

This is permitted provided that your barcode numbers don’t duplicate any others on the system or which have been purchased or produced at other locations.  D01 is currently printing their own barcodes – please contact D01 for instructions on their procedure.

User barcodes are to stick on existing ID cards and are used instead of the SWIMS library cards occasionally at BRI.

Ordering Scanners

Scanners should be ordered from ERS Ltd, 11 & 13 Railton Road, Wolseley Business Park, Kempston, Bedfordshire, MK42 7PW. Tel:01234 855300. The discount price of £143.41 plus VAT is being held for SW NHS Libraries – please ensure you mention that you are part of the South West NHS OLIB Project so as to get the reduced price! You will need to give your own invoicing details as you will be invoiced individually. Please note there is a £15 delivery charge per scanner although ERS may adjust this if you order more than one unit from them. The recommended scanner is an Opticon OPL6845-U-B. (Price and model data last updated April 2008 and supplied by Helen Bingham).


What to do if you get a PC with USB sockets only and your scanner no longer plugs in

  1. Buy a new scanner with a USB connector – for example ERS can supply the Opticon OPL6845-U-B costing £155 plus VAT.  Alternatively ask your IT department as some colleagues have found that other scanners also work.
  2. Buy PS2 to USB adaptors. ERS can supply at c£25 plus VAT.