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Accessing and using the new interfaces

FAQs on accessing the new interfaces – this page is password protected.  For the password, please see the email sent to SWIMS-SYSTEM on 4 June 2020 or contact the core team via new-swims@googlegroups.com

If a new member of staff joins please contact the Torbay library team at library.tsdft@nhs.net about setting up a login for them.  Please include: name, email address, location code, and the asset number of the PC(s) and/or laptop(s) that they will be using. 

If a member of staff leaves, please also contact the Torbay team at the email address above to delete their login.

If any PCs/laptops are replaced, please contact the core team at the email address above to notify of the change – please give the old and the new PC asset numbers.