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Circulation and users

Please see the information circulated by email about circulation training.

Link to the SWIMS Circulation Group

Postal addresses
No user postal addresses at all will be migrated from OLIB to the new system.  Also HEE information governance scrutiny process for the new library management system does not allow for the collection of private postal addresses on the new system.
Please see the email to LIB-SOUTH-MANAGERS and SWIMS-SYSTEM on 21 Oct 2019 for more information.


Borrower categories and item types in V-smart and how this differs from OLIB

 In OLIB we have over 100 user categories such as ‘AWP NHS Staff’, ‘Bath student’ etc, and 18 copy categories such as ’28 day loan’, ‘reference’, ‘electronic’, ‘restricted’ etc, with some copy categories give an indication of the length of the loan.

In V-smart will have just 6 borrower categories, of which 5 are for users:

  • Staff
  • Student
  • External
  • Other
  • Temporary

(There will also be one called Library, which will be used for loans between libraries, on which more detail at a later stage of implementation).

All the user categories on OLIB are being mapped to one of these 6.  So, for example, a user record in OLIB with a user category of ‘AWP NHS Staff’ will be given the borrower category of ‘Staff’ in V-smart.

Copy categories on V-smart = item category/material type

There will be 25 ‘item categories/material types’.  These are specific to media types or groups of media types (Book, CD-ROM, DVD, Equipment, Misc. Media, Journal, Electronic Journal, Electronic Book) and there are up to 5 indications of loan length per media type/group: 

  • Standard Loan Book
  • Short Loan Book
  • Long Loan Book
  • Restricted Book
  • Reference Book

  • Standard Loan Misc. Media
  • Short Loan Misc. Media
  • Reference Misc. Media
  • Restricted Misc. Media

etc, plus also:

  • Journal
  • Electronic Journal
  • Electronic Book

The item category/material type for each item will be determined by the OLIB copy category and the OLIB media type.  So for example a copy record on OLIB with a copy category of 28 day loan attached to a title record with media type of Book will automatically be given in V-smart the item category of ‘Standard Loan Book’.  Infor doesn’t use the concept of ‘media types’ in title records in the same way as OLIB does. 

  • 21 day loan and 28 day loan in OLIB will become ‘Standard’
  • 7 day loan and 14 day loan in OLIB will become ‘Short’
  • 3 month loan and 6 month loan in OLIB will become ‘Long’
  • restricted loan in OLIB will become ‘Restricted’
  • Reference and 1 day loans in OLIB will become ‘Reference’


  • ‘Book’ comprises the OLIB media types of: Book, Circular, Dissertation, Serial Monograph and Audiobook
  • ‘Equipment’ corresponds to Non-catalogue on OLIB – these are essentially items with no content and include everything from adapters to sensory library cushions.
  • ‘Misc. Media’ comprises the OLIB media types of Cassette Tape, Looseleaf, Multi-media pack, Poster, Slides and Video

The OLIB copy category will appear in a field in the copy record in V-smart called ‘Statistical Category’ just for information, although it won’t have any function.

The behaviour of a loan on V-smart takes into account the borrower category, the item category/material type but also when it comes to loan limits, the user’s location.