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Collection Management on SWIMS

Guidance on stock weeding

The stock management policy has been updated for V-smart. Most of the elements remain the same, but the rule relating to only having ‘missing’ books on the system for 18 months has been temporarily suspended until we have been using the new system for the appropriate length of time. It will be reviewed again in January 2022.

Inventorying stock

V-smart has a sophisticated inventorying process whereby a scanned selection of books is mapped against what should be available on the shelves, with current loans taken into account. A help guide on how to run an inventory is available.

Policy on bulk loading of records

Records should be included as far as possible on SWIMS for all library held and subscribed content in order to surface and optimise use of NHS funded resources – by both libraries’ own users, and for document supply.  For much of this content, libraries can maintain their own records.  For publishers’ collections of e-books and e-journals it makes sense in some cases for records to be bulk uploaded as that can be more time efficient than manual cataloguing.  Where it is indeed more time efficient this will be carried out by the system managers.  However bulk uploading can cause data integrity issues, e.g. duplicated records, duplicated holdings on the same record, edition management issues, management of subsets of collections etc, and in such cases the considerable post load rectification and maintenance work needed doesn’t render bulk uploading advantageous over manual cataloguing.

To this end we will take a case-by-case approach to bulk uploading.  Please contact the SWIMS Cataloguing Group if you have purchased or subscribed to a publishers’ collection would like to request that the records are bulk uploaded.  Please include information about:

  • the approximate number of records
  • which locations on SWIMS you would like to upload for (please state the library codes)
  • whether you are able to supply uploadable records from the publisher and if so in what format they are, e.g. MARC or KBART. 

The group will take a look at your request and let you know.  Generally speaking we will bulk upload larger collections of e-books or e-journals, say 50 titles or more, or collections where 5 or more locations are subscribing.  A library service may comprise several locations.  However there is no guarantee that we will for the reasons stated above, and it may be the case that we are able to upload for fewer titles/locations.  So please get in touch.  Where we aren’t able to bulk upload we may be able to offer assistance with manual cataloguing.

This policy was ratified by the SWIMS Board in May 2021.

What has been bulk uploaded

The following collections have now been imported onto V-smart:

  • EBSCO nursing ebooks
  • ClinicalKey nursing ebooks
  • ClinicalKey ebooks
  • ClinicalKey ejournals
  • Kortext ebooks
  • Kortext equality & diversity ebooks
  • Oxford Medicine Online ebooks
  • OUP specialist handbooks
  • Sage Clinical Medicine ejournals
  • Wiley Medicine & Nursing

Collections in progress:

  • Health Business Elite
  • Medline Complete
  • SocIndex