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Self-service units connected to SWIMS

Self-service unit users have an email group to support each other.  To request membership of the email group, or to post a question, please email  SWIMS-selfservice@googlegroups.com


SWIMS libraries live with self-issue units, or implementing:

BRI (Bristol)

D08 (Dorchester)

MKH (Milton Keynes)

PLY (Plymouth)

RBH (Reading)

RCH (Truro)

SMD (North Bristol)

STM (Stoke Mandeville)

TOR (Torbay) – used for issuing only

W11 (Salisbury) – used for issuing only; also some usage information is extracted

W14 (Bath)

WSM (Weston-super-Mare)

WXM (Slough)