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Collection Management and Catalogue Housekeeping

Carrying out a stock check on OLIB:

The methods are:

  • OLIB stock-check module.  This module became available in late 2013.  The process involves gathering barcode data and loading into OLIB which then reports on stock availability.  Sarah Maddock has piloted this module and has kindly agreed to advise libraries wishing to use it.  A guide written by Sarah as well as the OCLC stock-take module guide are available from SWIMS System Administrators.
  • Manual and MS Office methods such as:
    • Searching, sorting and printing a list of your copy records with a status of Available and then manually cross-checking against the shelf.  Note that with Classmark sorting numbers are sorted according to the first digit, e.g. HM100 files before HM20.
    • Using an MS Access query – a method used at RCH involved scanning all barcodes of available copies into spreadsheets and using an MS Access query to compare this list with a list of available copies extracted from SWIMS. Further details on this process are available from RCH.
    • Using an MS Excel macro – this method uses a macro in Excel.  Further details and the macro–enabled spreadsheet are available from Stephen Field at MKH.

Before carrying out a stock check using either method it is helpful to check for and rectify if necessary unbarcoded copy records and copy records with no classmark.

Getting an overview of stock and identifying items for disposal or for retention:

Indicating items as valid for retention:

Maintaining and deleting copy and title records on SWIMS: