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SWIMS Acquisitions and Funds

The Acquisitions and Funds module on SWIMS can be used by any library regardless of progress with barcoding or circulations. Training is available from OCLC or from SWIMS acquisitions module group members.

Libraries live with SWIMS Acquisitions and Funds:

WessexThames Valley

HHLS (Hampshire Health Library Service):
H01 (for H04/5/7/16)
H18 (Basingstoke)
H34 (for H34 and H38)  (Winchester/Andover)

RBH (Reading)


The following libraries use the copy status of ‘On Order’ but don’t use the Acquisitions and Funds modules:

D01 (Poole) and D02 (Bournemouth)
H27 (Portsmouth)
LIT, WARN, WLL, SLA (Oxford Health)
RCH (Truro), SLH (Bodmin)
TOR (Torbay)
A small number of orders at HHLS are also recorded in this way.

Previously used the modules but now ceased:

PPH (Reading) ceased summer 2014
Oxford Health – LIT (Oxford), WARN (Oxford), WLL (Aylesbury) – ceased April 2015
TOR (Torbay) – ceased Dec 2016
W01 (Swindon) – ceased Oct 2017
SMD (North Bristol) – ceased Oct 2018
W11 (Salisbury) – ceased Jan 2019

For module support please see below, in addition the SWIMS Acquisitions Group may be able to help out.

The ‘How To’ guides are for guidance.  When creating skeleton records it is mandatory to follow the instructions in the ‘How To’ guides.