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SWIMS Network Locations and HLISD



Link to HLISD: Health Libraries and Information Services Directory

The HLISD is the most up-to-date source of contact details for all the SWIMS Network libraries and all other UK health libraries.To find details of individual SWIMS Network libraries, click the HLISD link above and search on the library code or other details in the blue search box on the right.  (But note that library codes are not necessarily unique to the SWIMS Network.)

To display a list of libraries in the SWIMS Network, click the HLISD link above and select Network on the left, then ‘SWIMS’ in the drop-down list.  Alternatively open the spreadsheet linked above.

HLISD Group Editors
Most of South West area (incls Salisbury and Dorset) – Jenny Toller
2gether – Jackie Webb
AWP – Helen Watts
HIOW area – Paul Bradley
Thames Valley area – Andrew Brown
Bodleian – Susan Riley
Frimley – Jasbir Kundi
NHS Northamptonshire area – ?

*Information for HLISD Local Editors in the South West area about updating your library record

  • Navigate to http://www.hlisd.org/login.aspx
  • Enter your Username (usually your email address) and your Password (usually your name as a single string, e.g. johnsmith and click Login
  • Click Libraries top left and then click on the name of your library.
  • Make the required changes – use the pink tabs at the top to access different parts of the record.
  • Click Preview, Save Draft or Cancel as appropriate as you edit.
  • When finished, click Send for Approval, then Approval Queue top left and then click Approve and the changes will go live immediately. Do not send for approval more than once before approving.
  • Check that your edits have gone live by searching for your library entry at http://www.hlisd.org/.

Please note that the SW group editor does not carry out approvals so you need to self-approve you own edits.  Self-approval was implemented in 2010.