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SWIMS Network Affiliated Members

Health libraries in the south and west of England operate an interlibrary loan network for sharing of library resources, particularly journal articles.  This network is called the SWIMS Network.  Libraries request and supply journal articles from libraries in this network on behalf of their end users.   Network members discover each others’ holdings by checking the SWIMS system.

SWIMS Network membership

The majority of libraries using SWIMS use it for full library management functions (print book circulation etc), however in the case of affiliated members, journal holdings only are recorded on SWIMS.  These holdings are maintained for them by the system manager and/or network administrator.

Membership categories and conditions of membership are as per the SWIMS Network Terms of Reference

The terms of reference includes mandatory requirements for all SWIMS Network members; here is some information to help comply:

  • It is mandatory for all SWIMS Network members to comply with the Standards for Interlibrary Document Supply.
  • Information about joining the LIB-SOUTH JISCMail discussion list, or information about subscribing, please see the ‘Wanting to subscribe…’ helpsheet in the ‘Help! I am’ box on the LibGuides website.
  • Information about updating your HLISD record is here.


Journal Holdings

The OPAC for the SWIMS Network is at www.swims.nhs.uk and is used by all member libraries to check holdings for the purposes of document supply.  There is no printed union list.  Codes are used after holdings to indicate special arrangements:

  • (I) for incomplete
  • (L) for last resort
  • (N) for not available for inter-library loan

The SWIMS system manager and the SWIMS Network administrators at W01 update journal holdings data on SWIMS in the case of affiliated members as they don’t have access to the staff interface of the SWIMS system to do this themselves.


Notes about submitting journals holdings:

SWIMS Network mandatory procedure

For the annual updating process which takes place in Jan-Feb each year, starting in Jan 2018 affiliates are required to submit their print holdings and electronic holdings in spreadsheet format for bulk uploading into the SWIMS system.  Please see the separate emailed instructions. 
AYL and affiliated members with special status of permanent last resort are only required to submit print holdings.
It may be possible to carry out a manual updating if there are very few changes.

Affiliated members are welcome to send individual journal holding updates to the SWIMS Network administrators at any time and they can provide a list extracted from SWIMS of holdings on request at any time of year.  Unfortunately it isn’t possible to carry out a bulk upload of holdings other than during the annual update.
Alternatively affiliated members can check their own holdings data on SWIMS by carrying out a search at www.swims.nhs.uk filtered on their location.

If you notify us of a new holding, please state the ISSN (if there is one) of the journal title, ensuring that this is the correct ISSN for the print or electronic version, as appropriate.