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SEEDS (South and East of England Document Supply) scheme with KSS HLN, West Midlands, EDEN and LENDS

Please scroll down for details of the scheme itself.

South East (Kent, Surrey, Sussex)

SouthEastLibrarySearch is a single search for journals and books (formerly there were separate searches) and you can filter the search results by books or journals.  This is available from the KSS HLN website (KSS was formerly also known as SENDS).
For the KSS library directory please carry out a search of HLISD browsing on network of KSS.

Note that with regard to ‘last resort’ status, KSS does not have a webpage similar to the SWIMS Network last resort webpage.  They notify each other on the KSS email list, and we understand that this function is also managed internally by the KSS library management system.  So there isn’t a way that SWIMS libraries can check in advance before applying to a KSS library – they will be informed of inability to supply for this and any other reason when they request from the KSS library in question.

West Midlands
London & West Midlands Union Catalogue
When searching for serials use Search Criteria ‘All West Midland Libraries’
Please ignore the ‘Request publication’ option against the holdings statements. 
There is currently no arrangement for loaning of books.
See also the link for the directory of libraries.

London (LENDS)
London & West Midlands Union Catalogue
When searching for serials use Search Criteria ‘All London Libraries’
Book search also available.
In both cases please ignore the ‘Request publication’ option against the holdings statements. 
See also the link for the directory of libraries.

East of England (EDEN)
ELMS Library Catalogue
For journals select ‘journal title’ in the drop-down.   For some titles there are 2 entries, and these are being tidied. The entries that have [journal] next to them are the correct ones.
To find library contact details, click the EEL Library information link on the right hand side of the screen, or search HLISD. 
Book loans are on a case-by-case basis.
Do not apply to CM – University of Cambridge Medical Library, Addenbrookes Hospital

Document supply scheme

Following on from a pilot Nov 2014 to Mar 2015, there is now a scheme for document supply between the five networks.  West Midlands was added in Dec 2016.  This is focussed on journal article supply; book loaning is at the discretion of individual libraries (though West Midlands is not participating in book loaning).   If you need to create a library record on SWIMS in order to lend a book, please follow these instructions.

Here in the SWIMS Network we are to approach the other networks in the following order:

1. SWIMS Network, 2. KSS HLN, 3. West Midlands, 4. LENDS, 5. EDEN

Please treat West Midlands and LENDS as separate networks and follow the priority order above, even though they share a catalogue.

Note that in accordance with the SWIMS Network Inter-Library Document Supply policy it is no longer necessary to use libraries in your own LETB area before libraries elsewhere in the Network, however please do take into consideration postage costs, and use libraries equitably regardless of location code alphabetical order.

*Please state clearly on any request to another network that you belong to the SWIMS Network – it has been agreed that all participants will state their network*

Statistical reporting

During the pilot libraries were asked to record document supply and loans to each network.  This was reinstated for the period Jan-Mar 2017 to ensure that the balance is now maintained with the addition of the West Midlands.  There is no need after Mar 2017 to record usage statistics, other than for the national returns, or other local requirements.


The other networks have the following priority order:

London – LENDS, West Midlands, KSS, EDEN, SWIMS

KSS – KSS, LENDS, West Midlands, SWIMS, EDEN


West Midlands – West Midlands, EDEN, LENDS, SWIMS, KSS

(The order was changed after the implementation of the LAWMUNION catalogue in August 2017.)

If you have any queries about the SEEDS scheme please contact Morag Evans.