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INC (Inter-Network Collaboration) scheme

The INC scheme is an inter-network collaborative scheme with other geography based NHS ILDS networks: KSS HLN (Kent, Surrey, Sussex), PANDDA (North), EDEN (East of England), WMIDS (West Midlands), and LENDS (London).  It is an extension of the previous SEEDS scheme and went live on 1st May 2018.

Please see the INC scheme webpage for details of the INC scheme networks, their catalogues, where to ascertain library contact details, how to ascertain last resorts, and any non-participanting libraries.


Please also see the ‘rota’ on the page above.   Please approach the other networks in the following order:

1. SWIMS Network, 2. KSS HLN, 3. PANDDA, 4. EDEN, 5. WMIDS, 6. LENDS

Please treat West Midlands and LENDS as separate networks and follow the priority order above, even though they share a catalogue.

*Please state clearly on any request to another network that you belong to the SWIMS Network – it has been agreed that all participants will state their network as well as their library code*

If you need to create a library record on SWIMS in order to lend a book, please follow these instructions.


Statistical reporting

The only requirement for recording statistics is for the national returns, or other local requirements.  There is currently no requirement to record statistics of supply to or requesting from individual networks in the scheme.   (Statistics for supply to or requesting from individual networks were requested during the launch of the previous SEEDS scheme, and again in 2017 for a 3 month period when the West Midlands joined.)
The matter of statistics is currently being considered by the SINC (Strategic Inter-Network Collaboration) Group which oversees the scheme, in conjuction with other groups overseeing other workstreams.

If you have any queries about the INC scheme please contact Morag Evans who is the SWIMS Network lead for the scheme.