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  1. What do I need to know about self-renewal of SWIMS Network ILLs?
  2. What should I do if my location contact details change?
  3. What do I need to know about finding library contact details on HLISD?
  4. Can I see if an article has already been requested via Reprints Desk?


What do I need to know about renewal of SWIMS Network ILLs?

SWIMS Network mandatory procedure.

Renewals, and the number of them, are at the discretion of the lending library.  They may be denied for local reasons including if the item has been requested by one of their own users.  The ILDS Standards document states that if no renewals are allowed, this should be notified to the borrowing library via email or phone and also by placing a copy trap on the record.

In the event that renewals are permitted by the loaning library, SWIMS libraries with access to V-smart may self-renew a maximum of three times per loan.  This limit is set in the configuration.  For subsequent renewals, the borrowing library should contact the lending library by phone or email to request a renewal. The lending library will update the record on SWIMS as appropriate. 

Please do not carry out these renewals on SWIMS Iguana. 
This means that affiliated members  of the SWIMS Network must contact the loaning library for renewals as they do not have access to the staff interfaces.  There is a
list of SWIMS Network members including those which are affiliates. 

Library staff should contact the loaning library if an item has been renewed when already somewhat overdue.  ‘Somewhat’ is at discretion.

This is not relevant to libraries in other networks – these libraries will still need to request a renewal by phone or email.

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What should I do if my location contact details change?

For all SWIMS Network libraries:

  • Update HLISD
  • If email addresses have changed, update JiscMail lists – see the instructions in the email discussion lists document on the LibGuides home page.
  • Inform LIB-SOUTH so that library staff can update WinCHILL and Clio and any locally held contact information

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Can I see if an article has already been requested via Reprints Desk?

When you log into Reprints Desk you can see how many of the HEE NHS CLA allocation are left and you can see if the item has previously been requested and is already available. Reprints Desk should only be used for copyright fee paid articles or for articles that are not available from the British Library.