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  1. What do I need to know about self-renewal of SWIMS Network ILLs?
  2. What should I do if my location contact details change?
  3. What do I need to know about journal holdings on SWIMS?
  4. What do I need to know about bulk loaded e-journal collections on SWIMS?
  5. What do I need to know about finding library contact details on HLISD?


What do I need to know about renewal of SWIMS Network ILLs?

SWIMS Network mandatory procedure.

Renewals, and the number of them, are at the discretion of the lending library.  They may be denied for local reasons including if the item has been requested by one of their own users.  The ILDS Standards document states that if no renewals are allowed, this should be notified to the borrowing library via email or phone and also by placing a copy trap on the record.

In the event that renewals are permitted by the loaning library, SWIMS libraries with access to OLIB Web may self-renew a maximum of two times per loan.  The limit of twice is set in loan terms.  Any further attempts will put the renewal into the ‘Prob. Renewals’ box.  For these subsequent renewals, the borrowing library should contact the lending library by phone or email to request a renewal. The lending library will update the record on SWIMS as appropriate. 

Please do not carry out these renewals on SWIMS WebView – this is because any traps placed, including those which ask for no self-renewal, are not visible/honoured. 
This means that affiliated members  of the SWIMS Network must contact the loaning library for renewals as they do not have access to the staff interfaces.  There is a
list of SWIMS Network members including those which are affiliates. 

Library staff should contact the loaning library if an item has been renewed when already somewhat overdue.  ‘Somewhat’ is at discretion.

This is not relevant to libraries in other networks – these libraries will still need to request a renewal by phone or email.

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What should I do if my location contact details change?

For all SWIMS Network libraries:

  • Update HLISD
  • If email addresses have changed, update JiscMail lists – see the instructions in the email discussion lists document on the LibGuides home page.
  • Inform LIB-SOUTH (in the case of affiliated members, the system manager will then update the location and user records on SWIMS)

Additionally for libraries using the SWIMS system for library management:

  • Update the location record on SWIMS (User Management > Locations)
  • Update the user record on SWIMS

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What do I need to know about journal holdings on SWIMS?

SWIMS has title and holdings records for:

  • All print and individually subscribed electronic journals at libraries using SWIMS for library management, and including backruns where cancelled/ceased.
  • All print journals, including both current and backruns where cancelled/ceased, held at ‘affiliated’ SWIMS libraries, i.e. those which are part of the SWIMS Network but which don’t use SWIMS for library management.  For some of these libraries, electronic journals holdings are also included, including backruns where cancelled/ceased.
  • Some large journal bundles subscribed at local level – see the FAQ below – with holdings for all libraries which subscribe.
  • National collections BMJ, AMA and PscyARTICLES.  Note that the journals included in the large national bundles are not included in SWIMS.

Libraries using SWIMS  for library management update their own title and holdings on SWIMS, according to SWIMS Cataloguing rule B

Affiliates’ holdings are updated annually in Jan-Mar by the system manager and the SWIMS Network administrators on their behalf, and also at other times in the case of holdings changes.  Please see the list of SWIMS Network members, showing which are affiliates.  In some cases the holdings aren’t formatted according to SWIMS cataloguing rule B10.   This is because they are exported from the library’s own local system, which may use a different convention for formatting holdings, and bulk uploaded into SWIMS.  However it’s still possible to interpret these holdings.

Please also see the information for affiliates.

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What do I need to know about bulk loaded e-journal collections on SWIMS?

ClinicalKey, Wiley Medicine and Nursing Collection and Medline Complete were last fully reloaded with up-to-date data on 12 March 2019.  Sage Clinical Medicine was loaded for the first time on 20 March 2019.

In all cases the title records have holdings records for the locations which subscribe.  In all cases, please contact Jenny Toller if you start to subscribe or stop subscribing so that holdings for your location can be added/removed.
The holdings are as provided by the publisher, and may not include volume and part numbers.   In the case of Medline Complete, the publisher data is as provided by EBSCO, but tidied to some extent.

If you spot any changes needed to the data on SWIMS for these collections, e.g. titles which have been removed, titles which need adding, holdings or embargoes not expressed correctly, please contact Stephen Field who will make the changes on SWIMS.  Certain subscribers have agreed to monitor for changes to collections:

  • ClinicalKey – Laura Coysh will notify Stephen
  • Medline Complete – Helen Williams will make any changes to the collection
  • Wiley Medicine and Nursing – Sarah Maddock will notify Stephen
  • Sage Clinical Medicine – Claire O’Connor will notify Stephen

To list the title records in OLIB Web carry out a title search refined on Record Source of ClinicalKey eJournals,  Wiley Medicine and Nursing eJournals, Medline Complete or Sage Clinical Medicine. 
To list the copy records carry out a copies search refined on Collection of ClinicalKey,  Wiley Medicine and Nursing, Medline Complete or Sage Clinical Medicine.  (This copy search works in the live system only and not in the test system.)  In the case of ClinicalKey, refine also on copy category of Journal Holding Summary to eliminate e-book copy records.

There are a number of duplicated e-journal title records on SWIMS as a result of these loads.  If you start to subscribe to an individual title please add your holdings to the non ClinicalKey / Wiley / Medline Complete / Sage collection bulk upload title record, or create a new title record if none exists, as otherwise your holdings record will be lost if the collection is reloaded.  You can identify a bulk uploaded title either by looking at the title note (which specifically mentions the collection), and/or from the fact that in the Control tab of the title record, the ‘Rec. Src.’ field is populated with ClinicalKey eJournals, Medline Complete, Wiley Medicine and Nursing eJournals or Sage Clinical Medicine.

It is necessary for them to be visible on WebView so that SWIMS Network affiliated libraries who don’t use OLIB Web can discover them.
For ClinicalKey, Wiley and Medline Complete, the link in the object record takes the end user to the journal page on the Elsevier, Wiley or EBSCO platform via OpenAthens authentication if not already logged in in that browser session. 
For Sage, the link in the object record takes the end user to the NICE A-Z Journals search and launches as ISSN search.  This automatic search was a necessary workaround to deal with a problem encountered when bulk loading the collection.

Discovery systems
It is possible to exclude these titles from MARC download for discovery systems on the basis of the record source code.

ClinicalKey e-books
The e-books in the ClinicalKey collection have been added manually and this work is carried out by library staff at subscribing locations.

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