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SWIMS Circulation Group

Terms of Reference

SWIMS Circulation Group members:

SWIMS system administrator and lead for circulation and users for the new system:Barbara Peirce (D01)For group members’ contact details please see SWIMS OLIB Web or HLISD
Avon, Glos, Wilts:Claire O’Connor (CGH/GRH)
Hants & Isle of Wight: 
Somerset and Dorset:Katy Peck (YDH)
Devon and Cornwall:Matt Thomas (RCH)
Thames Valley:Andrew Brown (WXM)
System manager:Jenny Toller (Health Education England (South))

Link to Circulation module pages

Minutes of meetings/conference calls

24 Jan06 Jun 
201811 Jan10 May27 Sep
201723 Feb15 Jun14 Sep 

Older minutes 2003 onwards are available from Jenny Toller.

Circulation Group extra permissions on SWIMS

There are some permissions on SWIMS which members of the Circulation Group have which other library staff do not:

  • Create, delete and modify occupations
  • Create, delete and modify courses

Regular data integrity checks for circulation and users