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SWIMS Cataloguing Group

Group lead: Catherine Micklethwaite (TOR)
Group members: Alex Coley (H05)
  Beverley Hixon (RBH)
  Caroline Thomas (W11)
  Elaine Beckett (SMD)
  Morag Evans (D08)
  Nat Gabe (H34)
  Susannah Keill (D01)

To contact the group please email swimscataloguing@googlegroups.com

Link to Cataloguing module pages

Minutes of meetings/conference calls

Please check the most recent contents list for the decision on a particular matter, in case an earlier decision has been superseded.

01 May 09 Sep  

Older minutes 2003 onwards are available from Jenny Toller.

Link to catalogue administration information for use by Cataloguing Group members only – password protected page

Link to training materials for use by Cataloguing Group members only